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How to Make a Wood Hang Frame

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DIY tutorial on how to make a wood hang frame with an engineer poster or basic print for under $5.


-Wood | I used cedar wood that is about $5 for an 6-8ft piece but you can get a 8ft furring strip for $1.15. Home Depot will cut the pieces for free!

-Print | In this video I used my own Floral Fox Print (available in my shop), if you wanted a large photo staples has engineer prints for $3.89. They come on very thin paper but mine have held up for a few years so far and they are huge!

-Foam Board | You can use old boxes or anything with thickness, I used a frame backing I found at a thrift store. You can also find foam board at the dollar store.

-Rope | You can use twine or anything that you have laying around. I used clothes line from amazon.



-Screws | Sorry if I said nails in the video:)

If you have any question please ask!

-Libby Joy

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wood hang frame .jpg