Contract Agreement  

Name *
Ready Made Designs | When purchasing a ready made design I am limited to change font or background color or agreed upon change (includes all paper goods, such as RSVP, Save the Date ect. ). Any other change design related after the first proof will be a fee of $10. *
Custom Design | When purchasing a custom design service I am limited up to 5 changes per card after the first proof. Any other changes requested will be a fee of $5 for each change. *
I agree to pay a 50% nonrefundable retainer fee before beginning the collaborative process. *
I am responsible to proof the final proof and make sure all info is correct, including spelling, punctuation and grammar, ect. Once I finalize the final proof, I can not make any changes. The Joy Co. proofs and double checks everything(we are only human, though). If any mistake is found after printing is completed we would be happy to reprint at cost. *
I understand that The Joy Co. will go above and beyond to deliver commissioned goods on the date agreed upon, but I agree in the event of unexpected events or emergencies that things may be delayed *
I give the Joy Co. consent to use my name and the commissioned designs I hired them for to use in advertising and social media. *
If this is an issue please contact me before signing.